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The is a virtual museum of surfing history. We are all dedicated surfers. Rob has been surfing for over 50 years, Wayne 40 years and Joe 30 years, well at one time I sponsored Joe as a young kid from the Wreck Bay community.

This site all started when I advertised an old Terry Fitzgerald Hot Buttered Surfboard for sale on ebay. A guy won the board and when he came around to collect it, we just kept talking. Later I found with Wayne that’s always the case.

Wayne said at the time he wanted to one day setup a website for all the collectors to display their collections, so we could preserve our history. I thought about it and called Wayne and said I have enough Know how to setup the site, if he could get the collectors onboard.

Later during the setup for the indigenous page I asked Joe Brown Mcleod to be our indigenous representative.

The outcome of that is what you see today. A virtual museum of surfing history.

If you have any input at all please drop us a line, after all this site is for all of us, and those to come.

But most of all dedicated to those that have past.

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Rob Ryan


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Joe Brown McLeod