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Hayden Lineup. This Is What We Must Preserve.

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Our True Pioneers


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The Collections

Individual Collections Of Our History

Many Thanks To Those Who Have Shared
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Images From Some Of Australia's Premier Photographers

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For The Skateheads

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Surf Art

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A virtual museum of surfing history

We hope you enjoy our rich surfing history!

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Our Surfing History

Must Be Preserved

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100 Year Anniversary Of Surfing In Australia. A Tribute To The Duke. Aloha

Over 100 Surfers Rolled Up At Dawn. Respect To Our Founder.

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The timeline, is a tour of the history of surfboards, from the original sugar pine board used by, Duke Kahanamoku, at Freshwater Beach on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Images courtesy Freshwater SLSC.

The Legends

A tribute to the craftsmen who through their innovations,gave us the equipment to carve the lines through the waves of history. These guys are shapers, laminators, manufacturers. They may not have won a world title, but they gave everyone the equipment to do so!

Friends Of The Museum

The friends of the museum page, gives you an insight into, people and businesses that have made contributions to the museum. Support them wherever you can.


Throughout Australia there are private collections of Surfboards, Skateboards, Magazines, and all sorts of memorabilia.

These collections sometimes come into jeopardy, as the descendants of collectors sell them off or in a couple of instances threw them on the garbage tip???

Our aim is to catalogue these collections for eternity and preserve our history.

The physical museums are absolutely incredible and we can never hope to give the experience they offer. The problem they have is twofold.

One is space constraints and the second is funding. The funding of these museums is essential to preserve what is mostly a volunteer operation. Give what you can to these guys as with this site, it is an extremely time consuming labour of love.

Scott Dillon’s museum at Arrawarra near Coffs Harbour, is a perfect example of what can happen when the funding dries up. CLOSED?

The Museum Of Surf is and ongoing project, so keep an eye out for THINGS TO COME!!!

It may not be here today, but who knows what treasures we find tomorrow?

Is there is anything you want us to include?




Freshwater SLSC

Freshwater SLSC has been instrumental in preserving the memory of Duke Kahanamoku’s visit to Australia, and the memorabilia associated with the first exhibition of surfing in Australia.

All images courtesy of Freshwater SLSC.

Indigenous Surfing

They just love to one with the mother. Surfing was born in the Hawaiian culture and therefore was only a matter of

time before our indigenous people joined the family. Aloha

About Us

It takes a lot of time and commitment to build and maintain a site like this. But we do so happily, in the knowledge that surfing’s great history will be preserved. Not only for us to reminisce, but for the future generations to look back on.

The pioneers of our sport are true adventurers, and although the sport has evolved into a mainstream pastime, the true adventurers are out there, finding new surf spots and conquering ever bigger waves.


The spirit Lives On !!!

View the Collections

The collections display our history of surfing and memorabilia, donated by those devoted to preserving our heritage.

Some wonder how you could spend your life storing away old boards, magazines etc, when at the time it’s just your old board or magazine and the new quiver takes it place.

Thanks to those that do, we now have a journey back in time, to jog those memories and relive some of the best years of our lives.

It also gives the younger generation a view of the pioneers and the roots of surfing in Australia.

Its up to YOU!

What would you like to see?

If you have a collection, or just one item you feel should be included in the museum.

Email me and you can be a part of our history!

  • photography

    The photography throughout this site is courtesy of many of Australia’s premiere surfing photographers.

    Enjoy their images. As with all artists photographers spend many hours taking thousands if pictures, and then they take the money shot. Sometimes it’s years later that they realise the public interest in vintage images and every picture tells a story.

  • Memorabilia

    Hidden in boxes, under houses, in sheds, all sorts of places there are items of memorabilia just waiting to be found.

    If you have anything from our surfing history and wish to display email me and all I need is images, I don’t even need to know who you are or where the item is. For your security you just call your collection or item a name. Any name you wish.


  • The Legends

    The legends page needs more input from you guys!

    If you consider someone to be a legend of the surfboard manufacturing industry, let us know and we will do some research and list as many as we can, as without these guys we would probably still be riding ten foot logs.

  • For The Skatehead In All Of Us

    I do have some images of vintage Skateboards, and will have a timeline built soon, but I need your help!

    If you have any skateboards or skate memorabilia please send me the images or maybe I can come to you and take images for you. The payback is you get a catalogue of your memorabilia to view at any time, instead of having to drag it all out of boxes etc.

Mobile Ready

The Museum is a responsive site and can be viewed on your smart phone or tablet.

Courtesy Garry Birdsall Surf Art

Garry Birdsall has been a surfer all his life. The former  Australian surfing champion, is now one of the worlds premiere surf artists.
A true friend of the museum.

Check Out The Surf Art Pages

We have been lucky to have lived through the development of surfing and the evolution of the surfboards. Today there is a much slower pace in evolution. We must preserve what is left for our own memories and for those that follow.

Please donate your images of whatever you have and become part of history.


Also An Inspirational Site. Surfworld Gold Coast