Friends Of The Museum

Proudly Supported By Bill Buckle Toyota

This page is to acknowledge the people who have supported the Musuem Of Surfing.

The whole story of the Museum came to fruition as all these guys have boards and all sorts of memorabilia under houses , up in roof cavities and no one ever gets to see them. we put them up on the site, but to do that, someone has to climb up in that roof or crawl under the house, clean them off and take photos. Thanks to those that made the effort so we can all share.

Rob Ryan


A big thank you to all of you for without your support we would lose some of this history.


Barry Bennett Surfboards especially Greg Bennett. Thanks Greg and the crew at Bennett’s.


Thanks to Bob McTavish and the crew at McTavish surfboards for jumping straight onto it at the first request.


Peter PK Kirkhouse for his timeless images, and support.


Garry Birdsall for the use of his treasured Art. I have many hanging on my walls. Thanks Garry & Maria

———————————————————————————————————————————— for the books and use of images. And for remembering the past members of surfing.


Tracks Magazine. Thanks guys for the use of the images and also years of the bible.


9 Lives Adventures. Karim Ladki & Matt Thola. Two Canadian guys who both damaged their spinal chords in accidents, decided they needed to show the world they could do anything anybody else could do. Skydive, Bungy, anything extreme. Funny part is I think they enjoy it just a bit too much. hahaha.


Manly Surf School. To Matt Grainger & crew, thanks for all the surf lessons, giving the underprivileged the chance to feel the vibe.


John Witzig Photography. Thanks John with your images of the early era’s we can all recall the memories. Visit John’s site and do some time traveling and enjoy what only a surfer can feel.


Surfworld Museum Gold Coast Queensland

Drop in and visit the crew at the Surfworld Museum. You won’t be disappointed with this exceptional gallery of our surfing history.

Thanks again Mal and crew for an enjoyable day. I hope you like the images.


Shagga Saffigna: Shaggadelic Productions.

Shagga is responsible for some of today s classic surf images. Check his site for images and some thought provoking comments & quotes.


 The Shop Next Door.

It’s always great to see the younger generation of surfers, show an apprecition of the history behind what surfing is today.

Taylor at The Shop Next Door is one of those guys that loves it and it shows all through his shop and his approach to his customers. The good old fashioned service and a joy of surfing and all it has to offer.

Thank you to all the crew at The Shop Next Door for your help with the photo shoot.

Taylor was also blown away to know that we used to make the famous Bower Boy Surf Wax in his back room of what is now his Coffee Shop. You never know when history will bite you right in the butt?


 Geoff Cater from Surf Research is another of Australia’s great historians. I recentley met Geoff at the Freshwater Surf Club’s Duke’s Day Cocktail party. He is a wealth of knowledge and agrees with me that we all have to work together to record as much of our surfing history as possible. Have a look at his site, it’s a different style, but has heaps of information.


kingwakaskorner is where you need to go to take the kneeboard ride.

A chance meeting with Waka on trip to the south coast of NSW, was one of those meant to be occasions.

Like minds attempting to create a trail for the generations to come find thier roots. We are old but happy.


NSR National Surfing Reserves

This is a band of loyal surfers, preserving Australia’s surf spots. This is a Non profit organisation and any help you can give these guys would help to save those iconic surf spots we all enjoy. Check out their website.


Rak Roof Racks

I have been using roof racks for over 50 years and had never heard of these racks, until I bought a set of used ones on Gumtree. They are quite, easy to fit and being a small Northern Beaches company have spare parts and accessories readily available. For someone like me, that changes cars often, the racks are easy to change to a wide variety of models.


Crystal Dreams Online Store

If you want to buy sell or just display anything surf related. Check out the new website.


Total Surfing Fitness

If you want to take your surfing to the ultimate level, these guys can train you to the fitness level necessary to get you their!! Surfing is one of the only sports that uses every muscle in the body. This method will train the muscles with the exacting strength and flexibility.

SW Surf House

If you are travelling to Hossegor, drop in and say Hi to Carwin Williams. Carwin has opened a Hostel, and it is an awesome example of the fun informative place to stay.

Surfing Down South

This website covers the Margaret River and Yallingup coast in Western Australia.

It is a great site to see what’s happening in the area, but also has some vintage shots by the larrikin of surf photographers. Ric Chan.